Friday, March 20, 2015

Phillip Morris Creates Smokeless Electronic Cigarette

Phillip Morris International which makes Marlboro has just released a new smokeless cigarette called IQOS. Called a hybrid between traditional and electronic cigarettes, the IQOS uses real tobacco, but does not burn it to create the flavor. In this manner, there is no smoke or tar created by the cigarette.
The IQOS offers smokers an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes because the product itself offers real tobacco taste without the harm. While many smokers have switched to safer electronic cigarettes, many find that the e-cigs do not accurately recreate the taste of tobacco. The IQOS uses real tobacco, but does not burn it which would release the carcinogens inside.

The device looks like a modern vaporizer pen, but it functions in a different way. Instead of using e-liquids that are laced with nicotine, it uses real tobacco that is heated, but not burned. The tobacco is encased in a miniature cigarette called “HeatSticks” and inserted into the IQOS. The device is then heated to around 350 degrees which is far lower than the 800 degrees normally used to burn the tobacco.

The device is the result of over a decade of research and development with a $2 billion price tag in terms of investments. With the decline of tobacco use over the years, Phillip Morris is hoping that the IQOS really takes off because of its new approach. However, while many people use e-cigs because they have proven to be safer, there is currently no evidence to suggest that the “HeatStick” approach offers less of a danger than actually smoking tobacco.

Therefore, the IQOS currently carries the same warning of traditional cigarettes until proven otherwise. Starting kits for the product start at around $87 while a 20 pack of HeatSticks is about $6. Currently, Phillip Morris is distributing the product in test markets, but if successful the company plans on building a large facility capable of producing around 30 billion HeatSticks annually.

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